One size does not fit all...

When we image patients, radiation matters!

Let's Image Gently® by:

  • Using ultrasound when possible.
  • Not using radiation for ultrasound examinations.
  • Using ultrasound as a strong opportunity to lower radiation dose in the imaging of children.

Image Gently & Ultrasound

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Image Gently and Ultrasound - Parent information

What is Ultrasound?

  • Ultrasound examinations use sound waves to look inside the body.
  • There is no ionizing radiation used.
  • In most Ultrasound examinations, no contrast is given.

What can I expect the Ultrasound Examination to be like?

  • In most cases, your child will be examined while lying down quietly.
  • A thin gel will be applied to the area to be examined. 
  • The Ultrasound probe or wand is placed on the skin and images are taken.

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