Image Gently®...

Step Lightly

Interventional radiology helps us save kids' lives!

But, when we treat patients, radiation matters!

Children are more sensitive to radiation.

What we do now lasts their lifetimes

Treat kids with care:

Step lightly on the fluoroscopy pedal.

Stop and child-size the technique.

Consider ultrasound or, when applicable, MRI guidance.

Step Lightly: Safety in Pediatric Interventional Radiology Writing Group


Matthew Lungren MD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Radiology
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford, Califormia

Keith J. Strauss, MSc, FAAPM, FACR
Clinical Instructor, Harvard Medical School, Director,
Radiology Physics and Engineering
Children’s Hospital Boston

Tara Utley, MRT
Medical Radiation Technologist
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Bairbre ConnollyMB
Division Chief, Image Guided Therapy
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Terry T. Yoshizumi, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Radiology
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, North Carolina 

John Racadio, MD
Division Chief, Interventional Radiology
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Marilyn J. Goske, M.D, Emertius
Silverman Chair for Radiology Education
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center