Image Gently® and CT Scans

One size does not fit all...

There's no question: CT helps us save kids' lives.

But when we image, radiation matters!

  • Children are more sensitive to radiation.
  • What we do now lasts their lifetimes.
  • So when we image, let's image gently: More is often not better.

When CT is the right thing to do:

  • Child size the kVp and mA.  
  • One scan (single phase) is often enough.
  • Scan only the indicated area.

Publications - Peer-Reviewed

Popular Press Trade press

Below is a list of peer-reviewed articles from medical journals which relate to computed tomography dosing in children.  


Journal of the American Medical Association

Journal of the National Cancer Institute Advance Access 

Pediatric Radiology 




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Image Gently & CT Scans

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