Butterfly Awards

Since the beginning of the Image Gently® campaign, the butterfly has been used as a symbol communicating both the soft touch and the big effect - the Butterfly Effect.

The volunteer leaders (and one staff member) named below were honored for their exceptional impact on the success of our efforts by being named recipients of the Butterfly Award. We thank them for their service to the care of children:


Previous Recipients  











2020 Recipient

Donald L. Miller, MD, FSIR, FACR                                                                                       





 2019: John Boone, PhD;
Development of the SSDE, a CT dose index
  2018: Penny Butler, MS, Retiring
Physicist Steering Committee member
  2017: Nuclear Medicine Working
Group led by Ted Treves, MD
2016: Alan Lurie, DDS, Chair, Safety in Dental Imaging Campaign    2015: María del Rosario Pérez, MD, World Health Organization   2015: Madan Rehani, PhD, IAEA and RPoP
2014: Marilyn Goske, MD, FACR, Founding Image Gently® Campaign Chair    2013: Coreen Bell, Cincinnati Children's Medical Center    2012: Thalia Mills, PhD, FDA
2011:  David Schauer, PhD, NCRP   2010: Thomas L. Slovis, MD, Founder of the SPR's ALARA series